They call you pretty!

It all began with a note, 
Slipping through the desks, passing hands with a message, "You are pretty,I think I love you."

Took me minutes to register, what does pretty has to do with love ?

Fitzgerald once said,“I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

How do you respond to a confession?
Teach me how you tell someone you think you love them but not to that extent to sacrifice your reputation!
But if you can't sacrifice how does it justify that it's love?
Well what kind of love can anyone justify!
And there it goes,
The loop keeps on widening.
Circle within a Circle within a mind of its own.

It all began with the thought!

Well, Does it mean you find me pretty that's why love me or You love me that's why I am pretty?

A day later , I heard her talking ,
They call you pretty, they love you more.
With this the loop widens and my question lingers on.


And then I am fascinated with the story behind the idea of Charles Bukowski quoting , “I have got to decide- Kill myself or love myself.” Does wishing to know his sorrow, anger , disappointment , hopeless and overwhelming response to the question of what you should be doing makes me crazier than him? I guess not or Maybe It does. I honestly don’t know who he is yet or why is he popping in my mind just now when all I was trying to do was immerse myself in the imaginary green light of nature , thinking of Tara and meditating . I know Universe works in a strange manner. How strange? You ask me ? Well not that I know of. I am not aware how it happens and I am not questioning it. Maybe because I am just irrationally afraid of the answer. But wait, Stick by me , in few months I might reveal how it is working in the back end , trying to make my life a little easy , it’s not tough but not ideally as I would have preferred it. Do you feel in the same manner? Lucky for you if not ! But if you do, hey, come and meet me. Let’s talk about the hidden motifs we can find in our situation and maybe we can grade how the driver of the train of our life is performing. But hey! seriously tell me , does it all actually fall in place as we all say?