What If?

What If I tell you it’s okay to be wrong,
It’s okay to cry when you are broke,
It’s okay to eat an extra cheese sandwich to feel strong,
And it’s okay to write something that makes no sense,

And it’s Okay to use another And again! Because my dear, It’s Okay to be vulnerable sometime, To feel every emotion in depth,

But It’s not okay to be in that stage for long,
As not every “handle with care” note is read by all, So, breathe a bit more deeper than usual and care for yourself, After all, you are going to live with yourself forever.

Dear Alice

Apologies but there isn’t any Wonderland
Even there isn’t Peter pan’s Neverland
I am afraid to say
This world doesn’t have tomorrowland
You might be sad now
To realise
This barbaric truth and feel tired

Though for you it’s tough time
You need strength to be more than fine I want you to forget not,
My dear Alice,
You can bend for sometime
But can’t be broken in this life time.


As the day drifts by

Minute by minute

We remember what happened.

This year was difficult

To me and to you my dear reader

But I want you to not to forget the learning

You lived through all those times, the hardships

And Like a Phoenix

You were reborn with more strength and wisdom

Now breathe and let the weight of this year shed off

Let it go now in peace



Do I need rescuing?

The ship has sailed days ago
without me
Before my eyes
I was left on this unknown island
To live?
No but to survive

Do they even realise I am not with them?
Is there anyone to fill my space on that empty chair I would have sat on?
Should I expect them to look around and search?
Won’t they think,I intentionally hid?
From what you ask?
Oh, those demons who lurks in moonlight on that Queen ship

Will they come to take me back?

Do I need rescuing?
I am afraid to confess
But now I miss being nauseated on that giant vehicle
The sun, the battle , the gargle of Quen’s engine.
The words of the captain, asking everyone to come back in ten, not to hide or escape

Still I wandered and am lost,
Ah! How eager was I to prove that those who wander never lost, but now I am
And I am frightened each night

46 days, they are gone for this long
with this last message , my hope as well

Sleep will engulf me dear reader.
But I am grateful that you know that I existed
Remember I lived till today.


Do you think all of us are Kafka?
Trying hard to escape the inevitable prophecy
by walking away from it ,

Specifically walking towards the end of the world
and then realising that
there isn’t any escape from present , no matter how hard you labour , How far you go
but once you reach the shore
it’s over.

All of us are Kafka who are treading towards the shore to find the missing part of the life puzzle and coming back with a reason to live
with the present circumstances.

I won’t say that all of us meet the shore at the same time
but when some of us moves towards it
Others come back with a vision in their eyes

And those who can’t afford to return decide to go beyond the shore,
Into a world where time stops, life comes to a halt and no one wants to escape

Indeed all of us are Kafka.
empty from within,
searching for the missing part of the life puzzle
hoping to find it at the shore of our consciousness.