When you live in past, you die thousand deaths,
When you live in future, you are prone to anxiety attacks,

Living in present looks unrealistic
But when you observe with keen eye
What else do we have except for this moment?
What else can we do except for breathing ,loving , living , embracing nothing but this very moment!

The plans that we made, some worked some didn’t
The plans we are making , some will float,others might sink.

We are in a queue and the path is predetermined, nothing can be done with the pavement..
So, Why worry when you are alive at this moment?

If you wish to see a miracle
Stand before the mirror and look at yourself..
You are what Presents are made up of.

Without you there is no past, No future and certainly no Present.

Published by

Kanchan Balodi

A human being trying to connect you with my thoughts through my work.

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