Do you know how it feels to be at the doorstep of the house ?
Do you know how difficult it is to see the man whom you handover your heart,life and soul standing on the other side of the door oblivion of your presence ?
Do you know how it feel to feel unwanted soo early
Early ?
Maybe 9 months were enough for us
to realise We don’t belong to each other
The sacred thread around my neck couldn’t tie us to each other
Symbol of your mastery over me has started strangling me
You won’t feel it ..
How could you ?
You were oblivion to the suffering ,pain ,sadness and loneliness I went through this year
You won’t ever know how your lies shot me thousand times
And when I bled you said it’s because I told you to do so..
I compelled your own self to take a dig on my soul..
This relation of ours is bleeding
It’s badly injured
Just like an accident victim it is lying at the corner of the street
Noone to tend to its wounds..
No one to touch it either..
I know you are afraid as much as I am
But the soul is dead this time
What would you do to a lifeless body ?
Would you leave it being oblivion as always ?

Published by

Kanchan Balodi

A human being trying to connect you with my thoughts through my work.

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