I am afraid.
Will I make sense if I say
The pain and anguish I feel
Towards whom should I direct it?
I am breathing yet the particles are mixed with anxiety,
Sorrow has made my heart heavier
Like soaking a piece of paper, rupturing it with each drop

As the light pierce through sky,
I am afraid to ask
Will the day be better than the day passed?

Losing a human might sound another number on the tally chart ,
When will we learn when the piece of our heart is transformed into another numeral?
Are you still going to lie there? Acting that it’s all in my head?

The air is contiguous and I am panicking because
With each second the number is rising,
With each number my prayers are failing
And with each fall, I am afraid to utter ‘Have faith, it will be over soon”.

But What will be over?
My heart sinks to think of answers and I tend to stop the channel of thoughts.