Illustration by Cecelia Castelli

Promise me that you won’t let yourself stoop down anymore,
Promise me that you won’t run away this time like other times,
Promise me that you won’t hide yourself from the sunshine,
Promise me that you will stay here and face those delinquent beasts of your nightmares,

Promise me you will let yourself feel
Not just the misery, pain or fear but care, kindness and forgiveness.

Promise me that it’s the last time you have picked the shards of the glass and pierced your skin like making a piece of an art!
Except that it isn’t art but hurt.

Art is You, your higher self, the esteem with which you hold yourself with.. You are created by the greatest creator, supreme artist,
You are precious.
More precious  than anything  in the universe.

So Love,
Now tell me..
why do you feel so weak?
What hurts you that you can’t speak?
What has stopped you from dreaming, desiring and describing yourself in a new definition?
Who do you think have power enough to stop you?

Why do you forget that nothing holds more power and passion than you already have in your heart?

Promise me that you won’t forget anymore.

Can you?


The cage of desire trapped her soul
Denied her appraisal
Even an hour sleep

This desire of cage
Made her weep
Until dawn was yet to approach

Being trapped doesn’t feel right
When you are the prisoner
And every one abhor your sight

But when you get the key of the lock
Opening it,
Makes your heart race

Every beat synchronize
like musical notes
Sometime skipping
A bit or more

And then when you are free
The spirit takes control
Leads you out of the plethora of guilt,
Of suffering
Making you comfortable in your own skin.

Face of Strength

If strength was a human
It would look like you.
Not fierce but patient in its demeanor
With a radiating smile on those parched lips,
Calmly waiting for its turn to showcase its face,
hidden behind the veil of unknown.

If strength was a human
It would surely look like you.
Unapologetically generous in its attitude,
With a capability to drown your lingering nightmares and inhibitions.

Aren’t you happy with this?

Should I shift my focus from it to you ?
I see a movement in strength, And I see you moving with it.

How did it happen?
The veil is undone..

I would like to apologise now,
I have made incorrect comparison
Who would have thought?
Strength doesn’t look like you
But you are it!

Mocking me over my incorrect judgement of yours.