Hope not

I hope not to see you again
Loitering around my heart or brain
There is a shade that I have made
With the hope it will not let the rain seep in again
Soon the fertile land will be transformed to wasteland
But if you succeed in demolishing the shade
Maybe the shower will rekindle the land again but I hope not to meet you again !


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“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Years back when I had first read Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare I didn’t know I would ever reflect back on his words. Centuries back it had given words to our mortality. A scene where Cassius was convincing Brutus about how fate isn’t something that drives our actions but instead it is the human condition responsible for everything has left an anomalous impact on me. Nothing of the play remained with me except for this one particular scene and dialogue . Why? I honestly don’t know.

As I tread back on my memory lane I think we have all walked on egg shells for few people who didn’t deserve that. And because we became accustomed to their presence so, we kept walking on further. Irrationally thinking that it was our destiny. Going to the extent of thinking that it was the fault of the stars that we met them. I second that because I did same. But was it truly worthy? After months of distancing my self from myself, I realised it wasn’t. I realised how for a bit of mortal love, we close our eyes easily. The signs are every where yet we choose to ignore them willingly.

Ignorance is bliss” as it is said, negligence isn’t.I feel today that the later part was forgotten to be added by whoever first quoted the former part. So, my dear reader, now look, think and decide how many dead plants are you watering in your garden today? How many soul less bodies have you been feeding? How many disruptive minds have you been trying to align with?

And when you get the answer, take the roots of those dead plants and the soul less bodies and leave them in open space but away from yourself. Open your eyes and instead of aligning with the constant distractions, let your energy flow and let the universe find your right mould. No more walking on egg shells for anyone.


I have realised that no matter what you do, you can’t make everyone happy. It is laborious and flawed on everyone’s part to expect someone to be perfect. Afterall being perfect is sisyphus’s myth. Rolling an immense boulder up a hill for it to roll down everytime it neared the top.

All of us are walking towards an inevitable end. Sooner or later each one of us would reach the ultimate end. But the question is how do you want to reach it? What kind of journey should it be? One way is to enjoy the journey, every minute of your life. Drinking joys or savouring sorrow from the cup called life. And the other way is of crawling, struggling, putting other people first even sometimes, before your esteem. Being afraid of what will people think and acting to please.

Whatever you choose, it is your decision to reach that end by walking on any path. But remember you have got only one life to live. And because your time is limited so, dear reader breathe in and stop being fearful. Enjoy this Candyfloss before it starts melting.

What If?

What If I tell you it’s okay to be wrong,
It’s okay to cry when you are broke,
It’s okay to eat an extra cheese sandwich to feel strong,
And it’s okay to write something that makes no sense,

And it’s Okay to use another And again! Because my dear, It’s Okay to be vulnerable sometime, To feel every emotion in depth,

But It’s not okay to be in that stage for long,
As not every “handle with care” note is read by all, So, breathe a bit more deeper than usual and care for yourself, After all, you are going to live with yourself forever.

Dear Alice

Apologies but there isn’t any Wonderland
Even there isn’t Peter pan’s Neverland
I am afraid to say
This world doesn’t have tomorrowland
You might be sad now
To realise
This barbaric truth and feel tired

Though for you it’s tough time
You need strength to be more than fine I want you to forget not,
My dear Alice,
You can bend for sometime
But can’t be broken in this life time.