A post long overdue!

It’s been ages in my head since I last made an entry in my blog. As I sipped my lukewarm milk tea (an evening ritual) , I started to think about how human beings changes with time. I remember five years back , I practically begged god to let me find some another job, not that I didn’t try but I just kept on failing one year after another than another. Ironically that one job I thought I won’t survive for one month is the one sticking with me for last five years , well I have started with my 6th year.

Today, I am just somehow grateful for the work I do. I might sound irrational here but it is definitely one of the best things that has happened to me.. The challenges I face everyday is something reminds me that I am capable of handling anything that comes in my way. I am less afraid and more courageous. All these years while I failed or succeeded , I remember sharing both with my friends.

Few years back, I thought friends are just mates with whom you share few things. But with growing (apparently when life kicks and slaps you and you look for someone to console you) you realize that you do need them. To celebrate success to vent out anger to tell them how you messed up in your job or marriage or anything. You just need someone to tell to that “it’s okay” or “Work hard, you got to pass this time” . They are the one who just stand by you. I wouldn’t be wrong If I say , I found myself a cheerleader in these years.

Though everyone would agree that adulting is definitely not a bed of roses but when you see your friends celebrating your existence even when you are physically away from them , you realize that it’s not even bad. The joy I feel because of them is something that makes me grateful every single day. They bring me close to what I truly am and I think knowing yourself is not less than any achievement. After all a good friend is definitely someone who introduces you to you.


Few Years back I would wonder how stories were weaved,
Today, I know how letters are sown together in the fertile land of mind, watered with imagination and cherished with delicate care
From those letters grow words, which are taken and tied together with the thread of interaction and made into stories..

September calls for stories,
Stories of yours and mine..
I wonder how would it feel again
If you tell your story to me like the first time?

A Thing of Beauty is joy forever

Having taken a pleasant walk in the lap of nature , I can certainly say that now I do know what did Keats mean when he said , “A thing of beauty is joy forver”. Nature is mother . It goes on healing our broken hearts , soothing our comfused minds , bringing relief to our exhausted senses and driving us to a strange calm away from the unseen turmoil we might be facing in our lives.

I walked for an hour while it drizzled , gratifying wind blew and the leaves from the trees chose to glisten like sparkling diamonds with the newly found water droplets. The leaves embraced those droplets as in long lost friends, giggling in their presence and thus bring true joy to the spectators.

Sharing a glimpse of what my camera could capture for you.


A stark realisation of transient nature of human life has left me today with a lot of speculation. How ill-conceived is the notion that we are going to be here, that we have time when we don’t know when would be our last minute.

A dear student of mine passed away today because of an illness. A gem , a star or say he was what everyone would have wanted in their child. From being a top academic scorer to being the most sincere child, he had all the qualities a student is expected to possess. With all the stars for him to touch to all the stairs of success that he was yet to climb , he just left unexpectedly. No warnings, no signs and he is gone. Gone like a wind. Never to come back again. All my “has” for him changes to “had” , “is” to”was” and “will” to “would”

Memories, we revisit them again and again in order to feel what we felt at that point of time. Memory of a place, time spent with people , winning or losing an event. Endless memories have their albums stored in our archive section of the brain.. but it still doesn’t replace a human presence. The human who has now turned into a memory for all his near and dear ones.

Blessing was that I got to be his teacher , blessing that I witnessed his success and his joys. Words betray me to say anything more except that death will come to us just like a sneeze and we won’t get time to use the handkerchief.

“Found love for the second time”


A Simple word with a lifetime of meaning in it.. I found it for the second time today.
you ask me where?

I found it in Kashmir , in the horse named Badal.

Don't think I have gone insane ,
that might be true though, don't want to engage in any argument over that.
But the love he has expressed towards a human taught me that love is limitless, it's endless and everyone is capable of giving it , in their own manner.
In my case it was the way my lovely horse Protected me through the rough terrains, taking me to a beautiful valley with snow covered mountains. Ensuring to not to let anyone else win against me (it was like his personal agenda to ensure I remain the first person to see the beauty this heartwarming place has to offer)

Badal taught me it's okay for me to love,
Just love and become one with love.
Just how he has become one with the valley of Kashmir.

With each step I found an edge of my character shedding itself, with each step I felt letting go of an unknown burden.
Apart from the enchanting scenery the place has to offer, I am going to keep Badal in my memory. For angels do come in disguise!

A horse named Badal who lives in and loves the Valley of Kashmir.


When you live in past, you die thousand deaths,
When you live in future, you are prone to anxiety attacks,

Living in present looks unrealistic
But when you observe with keen eye
What else do we have except for this moment?
What else can we do except for breathing ,loving , living , embracing nothing but this very moment!

The plans that we made, some worked some didn’t
The plans we are making , some will float,others might sink.

We are in a queue and the path is predetermined, nothing can be done with the pavement..
So, Why worry when you are alive at this moment?

If you wish to see a miracle
Stand before the mirror and look at yourself..
You are what Presents are made up of.

Without you there is no past, No future and certainly no Present.


You would be that lady in Old Victorian gown who lives in an abandoned mansion situated in countryside with some 20-30 cats , who keeps herself warm by sitting near to her fireplace while her man sits opposite to her in an armchair reading her a chapter from the copy of Harry Potter. In between, he winks at her whenever the book mentions Hermione , and she winks back because she understands.

When the first snow falls she stands near to her window admiring what nature has to offer and her man looks at her , admiring her for that nature has offered him in the guise of a mortal , the most beautiful creature in the whole world .

You and me

And as each minute passes, I am more certain of the fact that I am born for you . . to be with you.

Existing to complete your equation of life, fate and death. You paint my soul in all the colours of rainbow, holding me steady just like a tree is held by its roots . Strong and Still.

I wonder, do you even know how your mouth uttering my name coats my ribs ? bringing warmth to my soul ? The heart is engulfed in that warmth and I can survive my hot and cold night alike.

To know that I am meant for you is the greatest joy , you have given to me apart from the joys that you have been bringing each day, every hour , every minute with each breath of yours mingling with mine.

Love, You are the definition of love for me. From beginning to end, the part of same cosmos yet which keeps on existing in different dimensions .